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Get yours @ Rhösska Museum of Design and Craft in Gothenburg or Fotografiska in Stockholm —
Get yours @ Rhösska Museum of Design and Craft in Gothenburg or Fotografiska in Stockholm —

200 sheets
of premium prejudices 

Crap paper for crap opinions

The ultimate weapon in the war against lunacy

Stop contamination like a baws


Get wiped

Get your very own Cripple Crap Wipes here @Röhsska or make your own with a simple brush.

Get yours @ Röhsska


Get creative

Use our video for inspiration. Or don’t. Look in your kitchen, your closet, your garage or wherever you might hide your tools to destroy prejudices. Shoot a film, take a picture or make a drawing of how you trash the Cripple Crap Wipes.

Watch our video


Get the message across the www

Use your preferred social medium to upload your work of art. There’s no wrong way here, everything that helps put an end to prejudices is helpful. Good ideas always find a way to be used.

Our favourite prejudice predators:

Prejudice prick?

Ever wondered if you are a prejudice prick or not? Take the quiz to find out!


Make your own video

Do you also feel like breaking free? Follow us by crushing, chewing or beating the shit out of prejudices. In doing so our paper is not necessary, we just made it to get attention.

Write down the worst preconceptions on a piece of paper and show the world how you prefer to destroy them. Download the music here or just press play while filming.

We believe in you!


Maybe creativity is not your thing. Or you’re busy changing the world in other ways. Then these are for you.

Download and share these posts in your storys. If you’re lucky you might upset someone, or even better: change someones mind.

Q/A — Read it allt.

What’s up with the video? It’s stupid. 

Yes, it is. And that’s the point. Crushing prejudices is a two-front war. At least. So we have to be creative in fighting it. Also, when did you last see a guy in a wheel chair doing kick ass stuff on the screen, without sad piano music and sob stories about accidents.

What’s the point with all of this? 

Get attention, change minds, involve you and spread the message. In that order.